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Full Version: Beshine Morphs
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Here's some of my morphs of Beshine @ 60,000

For whatever reason, when you add a new reply it seems to get added to your original post... odd.
Thank you for sharing those man. I'll share as soon as I am allowed to Tongue
Here are some others
We need patrak, peterh and capn nemo, sadly capn nemo rarely replies me, I haven't seen peterh in a while and patrak was thinking of leaving the morph business Sad
*mighty mouse voice*

[Image: ce-be%203592%20Beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203705%20BEShine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203617%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203635%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203625%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203619%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203612%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203632%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203656%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203630%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203638%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203646%20beshine.jpg]
[Image: ce-be%203658%20beshine.jpg]

That is some fantastic work there!
Thanks again Agent Dee!! you rule Tongue
a new one by cebe (the one who did all the morphs I posted earlier)

[Image: ce-be%203709%20BEShine.jpg]

minty fresh beshine morph from the master of the ginormous booby morph, cebe Wink.

[Image: ce-be_3865_Beshine.jpg]


PS here it is in avatar form for those who need one or want a new one Wink

[Image: ce-be_3865_Beshine%20avatar%20150.jpg]

lol aw her face is super cute there
That is is, I LOVE her expression on it, she is just a super cute girl with a super huge rack Wink.

yet another epic beshine morph by cebe, enjoy Wink.

[Image: ce-be%203899%20Beshine.jpg]

oh and here it is an an avatar if anybody wants it Wink

[Image: ce-be%203899%20Beshine%20avatar%20150.jpg]

Cebe should be here with his own gallery and thread! Awesome work. The League of Extraordinary Morphers: Pointy, Kopy Kat and Cebe.
Life savers ready!
Heres a few more for all you Beshine fans out there!

[Image: 8193837105_fe20470102_o.jpg]
[Image: 8193844269_d155b1502a_o.jpg]

[Image: 8194938886_826bb607fb_o.jpg]
[Image: 11128265363_c3e71b01d8_o.jpg]

[Image: 11128264533_9a36bcc442_o.jpg]
[Image: 11128088265_2f7dd8aff1_z.jpg]

[Image: 11128087235_0333b944cc_o.jpg]
[Image: 8193841807_a0eaf0788b_o.jpg]
Holy hell!

[Image: scanners%20head%20blows%20up%20cropped.gif]

cebe strikes again Big Grin

[Image: ce-be%203990%20Beshine.jpg]

and an avatar version Wink

[Image: ce-be%203990%20Beshine%20avatar%20150.jpg]

Beshine morphs seem so realistically possible! Big Grin
remember how some models are now bigger than some earlier morphs of them, would it happen in this case? I hope so!
some awesome big beshine morphs I had in my archive, enjoy Wink.

[Image: 37490M.jpg] [Image: 38701M.jpg]

man, she could reach those sizes, I am sure!
I wonder what these models think of morphs of them.

A tiny voice in their heads HAS to be saying: "I went to all of this trouble (surgery, pain, exercise, etc.) to get Jupiter sized tits and for some of my fans, that is apparently not good enough...(???)
Beshine, Chelsea, Keisha and others have all expressed love for the morphs and morphers! They're all about the huge boobs and enjoy the art as much as we do.

And I think the morphs have given them ideas about going bigger too!

But I am sure there are others who don't see it that way...that's all I am saying.
oh no! if the models have done it just to please their fans they are doing it for the wrong reasons! In fact that's what turns me off the most with professional boob models, is that they do it for the money!

If they need a reason it should be their own fun and happiness, if there is other reason then I am out.
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