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I get the feeling that folks around here like the work of Steve Palmer. I do myself and I recently wrote a sequel to his classic work New Beginnings. I've never been fond of BE stories that end just before some massive growth is supposed to take place and this picks up right where the original left off.

I hope folks enjoy the read and I'd love to get some feedback.

You can find the story at:
Overflowing Bra:

Also, this is my first post. Hi, everybody!
I have to say Fitz as the forum's resident Palmer super fan (I have all his stuff even his short stories) I love that you did a sequel to it, feel free to write ones for his other stuff Wink.

I consider myself pretty close to a Palmer super fan, Dee. Reading his work constituted some of my formative experiences as a BE enthusiast. Not sure I've ever read his short stories though. What short stories would those be?

I felt like New Beginnings in particular was crying out for a continuation which is why I put it together. Anything in particular you enjoyed/wasn't so happy about my effort? At this point, I'm not sure if there are any other stories of his that I would sequel-ize, but I'm mulling over additional chapters to New Beginnings. Actually, come to think of it, Johnny Bosomseed has two potential sequels built in...
off the top of my head there is The Ultimate Brassiere where a guy who makes custom bras meets a rich woman with very big boobs and he measures her for new bras and she says that each generation of women in her family are bigger than the last. the woman in the story is over 100" and asks him to have ones made up for her daughter who is way bigger. while not as short as some short stories Poker Night where a group of women who are all at least 100" in boobs play poker and bet cup sizes Wink.

I've definitely read both of those stories. I think I may have actually gotten the full Palmer experience. I've always wondered what happened to him. I got the impression that Paul Forrest's passing had something to do with his retirement, but I've never been sure. At any rate, I'd like to think he would approve of my follow-up. Again, feel free to provide any specific feedback that you may have.
well sadly yes after Paul's passing he was not as active as much I did like the use of morphs in his other later stories. I always hoped he would write another BE story at least Knockerland his last one was very big (no pun).

Ultimate Brassiere is new to me, it is not in TOB! would you please share? I love the plot already!
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Fitzbattleaxe Wrote:Hey Djoser,

Turns out that I have a copy of Ultimate Brassiere on a flash drive. Do you have an email I can send it to?


Thanks man! I got it already tho Wink

Best wishes!
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Fitz, it was something that was unchecked in your account it may have not been done by you. I went to look at a random account and saw that the box for receive PM from other users was not checked on yours I have since fixed it and you can now receive PM from other users now, thanks for pointing that issue out to me Djoser Wink.