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An Exclusive BEA interview with Foxy Menagerie-Verre!
An Exclusive BEA interview with Foxy Menagerie-Verre!  
5th May 2020.

Over the past few years, a renowned interior designer from Michigan has been on a quest to improve her body to what she feels is ideal for her.  In the process, she has shared images and short videos.  She first appeared on our radar when she had just 2000cc breast implants and some booty work done.  Since then, she has grown and grown and morphed herself into what can only be called stunning!  She is one of the most beautiful and sexy Enhanced women in the world.  

Without further ado, here is the interview!

First of all, greetings and thank you so much for taking the time to do this special interview for the Breast Enhancement Archive.

Q1. A lot of other forums online are interested in breast enlargement but we have focused on breast enhancement, personal growth and development as well as surgical means.  Does that matter to you?  Do you think we're doing things right?  Anything we could change?

Foxy: I think breast enlargement vs. breast expansion is an entirely personal choice, everyone has a look and aesthetic that works best for them and is most compatible with their personal health.

Q2. A lot of us are men but also some women who like women or are fascinated by women's breasts.  Do you find that complimentary or objectifying?

Foxy: I find it complimentary, personally --- but then, I have to admit that I have a huge fetish for it!

Q3.  Thank you.  Some of us here are really speechless at your beauty and not just your amazing figure.

Foxy: Thank you guys so much, I really must say that the chance to interact with fans and admirers, as well as meet other women in the field, has been an amazing experience overall.

Q4. What size are your breasts now?  Do you know the actual cup and band sizes?  Obviously 7120cc in your expander implants.

Foxy: Currently I have 7120 cc's of saline in each breast and am still filling. What my stopping point will be I couldn't say for sure yet because so much depends on how much more my skin cant take. When I was in London for a meet and greet event in association with "Codename Diablo" I was measure by a seamstress who said I was the equivalent of a ZZ-cup in the US, but that was then I was nearly 2000 cc's smaller than I am now. All I know for sure is that I can no longer wear conventional bras and have to wear sports bras.
HA!  ZZ-Cup.  Great name for a band.

Q5. You are in incredible shape too!  Everything about your physique is beautiful - not just your pretty face or amazing breasts.  Do you work out to stay in shape?

Foxy: I have a personal trainer and I prefer to work out at her gym because she sets aside the time to allow me to work with her privately so it's just her and I there.

Q6. Do your breasts ever get in the way of working out or anything else?

Foxy: Yes, it's true that "the twins" are constantly knocking things over and make it difficult to do certain everyday activities. With each new fill I have to figure out how to re-negotiate my size with my surroundings all over again.

Q7. What has become increasingly challenging in your life as your breasts have gotten increasingly larger?

Foxy: As I've increased my breast size, I've found the concept of having a "normal day" is something that's left behind further and further in the rear view mirror lol.

Q8. With the current health concerns around the world, (to the best of your knowledge) has all plastic surgery stopped for the time being or is it just limited?

Foxy: There are still plastic surgeons in certain areas who are operating on local clients. Sadly,, anyone who's been waiting for their appointments is still having to wait.

Q9.  You state on your various social media accounts "7120cc and growing".  What do you have in mind?  Is there another enlargement coming to your implants?  

Foxy: See my earlier answer, I do still plan on going larger, but am not sure as to the final size, largely because it remains to be seen how much more my skin can safely handle.

Q10. You've also stated in other interviews that you have put work into enhancing your beautiful bottom also.  Any further plans there?  
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I've had to re-schedule my next three batches of surgeries, but I'm still taking them in the same order : first will be butt implants and fat transfer along with ab 3D-lipo, then I will be doing my face and neck, and finally I will be doing a breast lift and nipple move.

Q11.  Did you always aspire to become a model and sex symbol or did that just sort of happen?

Foxy: I was an interior designer for over 20 years, so this new career as a model came as a welcome surprise to me. I did some fashion modeling as a teen and really enjoyed it, so I consider myself very fortunate to be back doing something I love.

Q12.  How long do you plan to continue with your modelling career?

Foxy: I plan on a lot of travel to meet and shoot with other models later this year, as well as to have my surgeries. I'm also producing new content every day for my Onlyfans and Patreon sites.

Q13.  This is just a curious question, not a suggestion because you are already perfect.  Have you ever considered surgical enhancement such as lipo your middle section to make your figure more extreme like some models like Steph Palmonares and Haley Layne are doing?  

Foxy: I will be getting fat transfer to the sides of the implants when I get my butt implants and also 3D-lipo to my abs in order to achieve that overall "hourglass shape" we all love so much!

Q14. Would you mind joining our forum and having members interact with you?  They might pay you compliments and ask questions - but don't worry, we do not allow personal information!  And we do not tolerate bad behavior.  WE LOVE YOU!

Foxy: I do have a BE Archive membership, but the best way to communicate with me is to join my Onlyfans or Patreon, I am on those sites constantly and check my messages several times per day, and I do my best to answer all of them promptly.

Thank you guys so much for your support and love!
Oops. Forgot the special photograph for the interview.

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Q UICK UPDATE: September 24th 2020
Hello again amazing sweet lady, QUEEN OF THE BOOBS!!!
Q. Just a quick question. Do you have any plans to break the 8000cc barrier and if so, when do you think?

- - - - - - - - - --
A. I hope to reach 8000 cc's with my next fill, but I don't have a date for that set yet, trying to wait until the whole COVID thing does down a bit .
Any chance we will see another interview? A lot has happened since last year!
Working on some!!

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