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Full Version: Yer favorite YouTube Hot Musical Babes!
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Okay, so none of these babes is busty. Still, they are hot! And musicians in a way that goes beyond the 'Tammy-Tambourine' types. So, here it goes:

Taimane Gardner: Ukuleleist from Hawaii. Often has a 'Tigress On The Prowl' look while playing.

Samantha Fish, American singer/songwriter/guitarist. "I came for the legs, and stayed for the talent". Got to admit, I never seen a cigar box or oilcan guitar being used in a serious way!

Band Maid: Heavy metal quintet from Japan.

Tina Guo: Chinese-American cellist/erhuist.

The Quadraphonnes. Almost like a female version of old groups like 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'.

Unlucky Morpheus: Power Metal band from Japan. Ever wonder what it would look like if Abby from NCIS played violin? Well, here it is:

Ana Popovic: Singer/songwriter/guitarist from Serbia. Er, a trans-Atlantic cousin of Samantha?

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis: British siblings, with Mom on bass & Dad on rhythm guitar. Not shown in this vid, but watch a full concert, and you'll see all three switch between drums, keyboards & guitar with occasional harmonica & xylophone. Also, not shown in this vid, is Kitty's Kleavage! [Image: 3HcV5tX.png]
Caught this on YouTube, watch and enjoy!  
If you love her Chopin, I can't wait to see her 'Bach-side' ! 
~singing~: I Wish They All Could Be California Twins!
More from Taimane, in a setting so suitable!
Well Im a big Aqua fan so it was Lene Nystrom.  But now its Lindsey Stirling on many levels. Beside her being a great dancer which has a kinda sad person reasons, but also she is doing it while playing the violin like in the Master if Tides public show you can see its not just miming pre-recorded music.

And the fact I wanted to play the violin. In school I was forced to by the baritone due to me being very muscular for an 8 year old and the band teacher was sexist. He said only women should play stringed instruments.

And Ill explain the said reason. She would be the ideal current musical my mom would love. My mom was a professional dancer and choreographer. Due to my dad be among disabled she became a PE teacher but got to teach dance and put on big shows. 

Plus her videos are rather entertaining and can see her do a movie. Maybe an anthology of the same badass violinist in different lives. 

Like look at Roundtop Rival.
'Country Sisters', a quintet from Czechoslovakia! Legs on display!
More from Tina Guo, with violinist Caroline Campbell!
Ah, so this babe is one of the busty ones! Still, can't deny her guitar talent. 
A new find! And who can argue against these lovely babes playing some good ol' fashioned funk, especially noting the bassists cleavage! 
"The Opera Ain't Over Until The Fatma Lady Sings"
The Ayoub Sisters. From Scotland, their parents from Egypt. Gets a little confusing when you hear them interviewed in their parents native Arabic, and then in an other interview in English with a Scottish accent! Still, can't deny the talent. Or the beauty! 
Yes, that's the way to play accordion, with passion, and one YOWZA of a dress!
And, nominated for 'Best Intensive Stare During A Music Video', Gold Salt, a duet from Italy.
Caitlin De Ville from Zambia. Certainly no threat to Anne Sophie Mutter on the violin, and perhaps somewhat of a 'one-trick (or, two legged) pony' in her vids. But hey, whatever works for you!
Anne Sophie Mutter! Can't deny the talent. Or the intensity. Or the beauty!
Woah, bad-ass bass! (and nice boobs). Mohini Dey.
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