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This is Salina Vandenberg.  'Sal' to her friends.

Sal isn't just your ordinary every day beautiful woman.  Sal has a dream.  
One that we all can support.

But first, the interview 
Preamble . . . 
Hello Bonecracker 

As you might know by now my name is Sal van den Berg I turned just 34 years in age. To be honest I am interested in big not enhanced boobs from a quite young age (around 12y or 13y). I remember very clearly I saw Lolo Ferrari (RIP) on a Dutch TV program. I was really impressed by their size and very round shape. 

On that age I wasn’t really realizing those where augmented breasts. Couple of years later and when the internet came into my life I found out they where enhanced by a plastic surgeon. By that time I was already in a serious relation which was in the year 2003. I gave birth to my first child in 2006. Like many women can imagine and will confirm that giving birth to a child and be in an relation can be very drastic for your body and life. I came into a life where it only was housekeeping, care for my children. I gained a lot of weight and wasn’t even thinking about breasts anymore. 

My former partner was into enhanced breasts but the money never came for it. He always invested it in something else. I think he said he liked it to keep me in some kinda hope it will come someday. But it never came so it landed into a side track in my mind. To be short, my life was living for kids and housekeeping and forgot about who I really am.

Till 2018 that was the life I lived. Then I met Paddy, we where colleagues at that moment. We had from the very first beginning some kinda connection. I am normally a very closed person but with him I was a completely different person. I opened up and did have lots of talking with him on all sorts of subjects, and yes also about boobs. I asked Paddy what kinda boobs he liked, after some browsing on his phone he came up with a picture of Lilly4k. 

My complete body did shiver and emotions raging thru my mind. OMG there are men who like big enhanced breasts. So I spent hours and hours days and days talking about breasts and learned quite a lot from Paddy about procedures and other even much bigger breast models like Chelsea, Foxy and Beshine. 

For some kind of reason I left the employer and also left Paddy behind. I think I wasn’t ready that time that moment. And I choose to continue my former regulated standard life maybe because it feels save and be scared for the unknown. But the thing I had with Paddy never did go out of my mind. I did think about the conversations and time I had with him almost on a daily basis. 

Little more than 1 year after that I contacted Paddy again with a text message by phone. Because of his hurt feelings he did not answer. I took 4 months before he finally did answer my message. Those months where not the most pleasant months of my life. I thought I lost him because of my action to leave him behind included my work with not much of an explanation for it.

To be honest I always liked the sizes of Lolo and Lilly but did not have the idea to go that big myself. Until Paddy told me I can test how it feels to have breasts that size or maybe even a little more. So I said yes I definitely want to test and feel what it is like. 

So he gave me a bra to put on and did place 5kg breast-forms into the cups of the bra. I can tell that the difference between almost no weight in front to 10kg is quite a lot. But I was amazed what kinda effect it had in my mind. I loved the weight the pressure against my body how they brush into my arms. Every thing I do I feel them. Not a second a day you are not confronted with having huge breasts. 


Later we did also some test with huge balloons filled with water. They were filled with a huge amount of water I wil not tell the exact amount of it because I like to keep some secrets but I can tell it was a little more then 10k . The pressure then is even way more but as you maybe can guess I loved that even more. Till so far my story. 

OK, now the question and answer portion!

[color=#500050]Q1. A lot of other forums online are interested in breast enlargement but we have focused on breast enhancement, personal growth and development as well as surgical means.  Does that matter to you?  Do you think we're doing things right?  Anything we could change?[/color]

A1. I don't think there is anything wrong with that. For all kinds of things there is a fan base. To stay focussed on the breasts part some like small some like big some huge and some want them to be natural and some surgical enhanced.

[color=#500050]Q2. A lot of us are men but also some women who like women or are fascinated by women's breasts.  Do you find that complimentary or objectifying? [/color]

A2. I think it's complimentary, women's breasts are the most beautiful body part. At least that is my opinion, I think you all agree with me on that... null

[color=#500050]Q3. What led you to the decision to get your breasts enhanced (augmented)? [/color]

A3. Like said in the introduction I was into sex from a very early age. I saw Lolo Ferrari in a dutch TV program. I was directly astonished by their size and shape. I did look so perfect in all kinds of ways and did give a real porn like look.

[color=#500050]Q4. What size are your breasts now?  Do you know the actual cup and band sizes? [/color]

A4. My bra is an (EU) 80/85 B Cup which will be a 32/34 B Cup in US size.

[color=#500050]Q5. You are in incredible shape too!  Everything about your physique is beautiful.  Do you work out to stay in shape? [/color]

A5. I don't do anything like an active sport, I do care about what I eat a day, it's needed to stay on weight and in shape.[color=#500050]

Q6. Do you think your increased breasts will ever get in the way of working out or anything else?[/color]

A6. I can imagine they will get in the way when certain sizes are reached, for example at very big sizes standard cars will be difficult to drive. I would try to buy a bigger car then, think of solutions instead of problems. The thought of that does sort of arouses me to be honest.

[color=#500050]Q7. What do you see becoming increasingly challenging in your life as your breasts get increasingly larger?[/color]

A7. The public opinion will be the most challenging I suppose. Many people do like to place other people in boxes, many will say look at her she is crazy or sick or that's disgusting. Those kinds of people don't realise that it's my choice and what I want. They should look at themselves first and don't comment out loudly what is wrong or right. The only one who can judge what is wrong or right in my case is me myself and I.[color=#500050]

Q8. With the current health concerns around the world, has all plastic surgery become more difficult or just more limited?[/color]

A8. I don't think it's more limited because of the Covid19 thing. I do think some people who are planning or planned to do surgery lost their job or income and used their savings to overcome this awful time. Too bad my income is also halved and my savings did vaporize also. To be honest I was really close with my savings for surgery but all my savings are gone now.[color=#500050]

Q9.  Do you have an end goal in mind for your increase, or will that keep increasing?  [/color]

A9. I don't really have an end goal in mind. I want to go as big as possible, but I want to be realistic. It all will depend on how my body will react to it. If my surgery is without complications and there are no other problems with filling the implant I want to go way beyond 10k. Because of the testing we did with waterballoons I know I'm capable of carrying very large weights on top. The exact amount of water we did for testing I like to keep secret for now.[color=#500050]

Q10. Do you aspire to become a model and sex symbol or will that just sort of happen?[/color]

A10. I don't see myself like a sex symbol. I would like to interact with fans and other people fascinated by huge augmented breasts. I would love to start something like OnlyFans or an own website to interact with my fans. 
Q12.  How long do you plan to continue with your modelling career? [/color]

A12. I would do it as long as possible, I don't want to go huge because of a modeling career and to earn money out of it. Of course the money earned out of it would be very welcome. I would be a lair to say it doesn't. But it's definitely not the main and first reason I want this. I want it because I simply love huge augmented perfect breasts.

[color=#500050]Q13.  This is just a curious question, not a suggestion because you are already perfect.  Have you ever considered surgical enhancement such as lipo your middle section to make your figure more extreme like some models like Steph Palmonares and Haley Layne are doing?  [/color]

A13. I definitely will consider some liposuction on a few places in what are my eyes my problem sections. What I definitely will not do is to make a very big bottom. I have a decent booty and hips myself and will not enlarge that. The focus must stay on the breasts. A large booty will make the breasts look smaller and less extreme. I think that is a shame.

[color=#500050]Q14. Would you mind joining our forum and having members interact with you?  They might pay you compliments and ask questions - but don't worry, we do not allow personal information!  And we do not tolerate bad behavior.  I can also get people to start a funding effort for you. [/color]

A14. Oooh for sure I will join the forum and I really hope the fans can help me to finally start my long wished big breast journey.

Kind regards Sal xxx