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Full Version: Peaks of Pointy 2: Rise Again.
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Hello friends. Glad to see the forum back. Shall we start with some new stuffs? Yes, yes we shall. Down the road I will probably sprinkle in some of the older stuff too.

[Image: b2366e.jpg]

[Image: b2368e.jpg]
[Image: b2369e.jpg]

[Image: b2370e.jpg]
[Image: b2371e.jpg]

[Image: b2372e.jpg]
[Image: b2373e.jpg]
Very nice good to have a morpher of your caliber, hope you stick around Smile

Man, I missed your morphs! thanks for sharing!
Gallery additification

[Image: b2374e.jpg]

[Image: b2376e.jpg]

[Image: b2377e.jpg]

[Image: b2378e.jpg]

[Image: b2379e.jpg]
man, i still can only see the miniatures Sad
Miniature morphs? There's something very wrong about that idea! LOL
They work now, thanks to whoever fixed them lol
There is a sequence hiding in there too.

[Image: b2380e.jpg]

[Image: b2381e.jpg]
Not letting me post more than 2 images at a time. Oh well I'll just have spam them all in a rapid fire method.

[Image: b2382e.jpg]

[Image: b2383e.jpg]
[Image: b2384e.jpg]

[Image: BE_sequence012.jpg]
Love that Crystal Gunns morph!!
[Image: b2339e.jpg]

[Image: b2398e.jpg]
[Image: b2399e.jpg]

[Image: b2408e.jpg]
[Image: b2434e.jpg]

[Image: b2436e.jpg]
awesome stuff as always pointy!
No kidding. Pointy, your skillz are amazing. Beyond pro... they fall into the photo-realistic category.
thanks for sharing them! Wink
[Image: b2438e.jpg]

[Image: b2439e.jpg]
[Image: b2442e.jpg]

[Image: b2443e.jpg]
[Image: b2444e.jpg]

[Image: b2445e.jpg]
Words fail me when trying to think of other superlatives to describe your work. It is just extraordinary. Thank you
Thank you indeed. I shall keep them coming.
This is probably one of my favorite threads. Thanks, Pointy.
I third the statement. Great work.
[Image: b2391e.jpg]

[Image: b2447e.jpg]
[Image: b2448e.jpg]

[Image: b2452e.jpg]
[Image: b2454e.jpg]

[Image: BE_sequence013.jpg]
(08-13-2012, 01:08 AM)Pointy1010 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: BE_sequence013.jpg]

that beshine one is ALL kinds of win!
Most impressive indeed...wowza!
Looks like all kinds of fun to me!!
[Image: b0474e2.jpg]

[Image: BE_sequence014.jpg]
Sweet. Who's the model?
First one is Crystal Gunns. The sequence is Leanne Crow
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