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WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-08-2013

As some of you know, my wife was all set to have breast implants installed many months ago when literally days before the surgery, she fell getting out of the tub (stepped on the damn cat!) and hit her head on the side of the tub and screwed up her neck and shoulder. She had to cancel the surgery.

After hours of therapy and several rounds of epidural steroid injections, she finally got the OK to return to all her normal activities about a week before Christmas with the neurosurgeon giving her 100% recovery diagnosis!

Well, yesterday I came home from work to find her standing in the kitchen grinning like a Cheshire Cat and when I asked her what was going on, she pulled from behind her back the paperwork from her Plastic Surgeon for 550cc Silicone gel implants to be installed January 17th! You could have knocked me over with a feather...LOL!

With her overall frame (5'4" and 130lbs), she predicts that she will be about an 32 F/FF cup!


Tugboat"it's good to be me right now"Cap!

RE: WOO HOO!! - JustSomeone - 01-08-2013

Congrats to you and your wife. I believe I speak on behalf of the forum, when I give you a salutary HONK HONK!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Djoser - 01-09-2013

Awesome! it is great when nice people get what they deserve!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-09-2013

It just gets better and better. She said when she had the consult Monday morning that they largest he would implant in her was 550cc. She called him back this morning and now they have agreed on 650's!


Tugboat"Can't wait to motorboat those babies!"Cap!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 01-10-2013

My dear friend, I am so THRILLED for you and the missus!! That is fantastic news on both fronts... first of all, that the woman you love so much has fully recovered and of course secondly that she'll have the figure she wants (and you get to enjoy!).

God bless you both, Cappy!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-10-2013

She's getting Allergan Natrelle Style 20 650 cc High Profiles. She's already talking about all the tops she's not going to be able to wear any more...

7 days and counting....

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 01-10-2013

Can you post a link to the implant, Cappy? I know a special woman who would be interested. Thanks!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-14-2013

Tugboat"3 more days!"Cap!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 01-14-2013

Interesting! Thanks for posting the link.

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-18-2013

And it is done.

Got her home about noon yesterday and She's not experiencing very much pain, mostly just sore.

As active a person as she is though, her PS joked with me that he was going to have to use his sterile crowbar to get those 650cc bad boys in under the muscle.

They are riding VERY high right now but she is definitely going to well fill a 36DD that she bought to rice test to capacity, maybe even fill a 36F once they drop and fluff.

We have before/afters we took but I don't know if I'll be able to talk her into letting me post them though. She knows about this place and the other side and is ok with and occasionally reads posts on both, but she's a little shy about showing herself to that extent online.

Tugboat"Can't wait until I can play with them!"Cap!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 01-18-2013

Well, maybe after they've settled, a bikini top shot? Please, Mrs. Cappy?

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-21-2013

Ok, the wife said no pictures right now, they are way high and in her words "Not pretty enough". I did, however, find a picture that shows what they look like right now. the only difference in this girl's build and my wife's is my wife is a little broader in the shoulders. Or as she puts it, "My shoulders are built like a linebackers!" LOL!


Tugboat"Come on drop and fluff!"Cap!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 01-21-2013

Well, I don't know for shoulders... but I love the lungs in the attached photo!! Look at the lungs on that girl! LOL

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-22-2013

Yeah, that's what my wife looks like now in a similar shirt. They are tight and VERY high, almost to her collar bones. She's already complaining about how slow to drop they are...LOL!

I keep telling her give it 3 or 4 months...She didn't like that.

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 01-22-2013

Just tell her she needs to go bigger for them to drop faster. If they're saline, maybe they can be pumped up another few hundred CCs. LOL

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-22-2013

Nope, silicone gel. Her pec muscles are so tight it's causing discomfort for them to stretch to accommodate the 650cc's. Her PS told her it was going to take about 2 to 3 months for them to settle because she went so big in one step.

Also, from what we see, she may surpass the DD and go straight to the F. She tried on the 36DD cup bra she bought to do the rice sizers in and it fits NOW and no drop and fluff to speak of yet.

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 01-22-2013

Why under the muscle? That is so freaking painful!! I have one ex-lover who made the mistake of goin from an A cup to 500ml silicone gel under the muscle also. She was 6 months suffering.

RE: WOO HOO!! - Djoser - 01-23-2013

Yes, some surgeons prefer to go under the muscle because it looks more 'natural' (I prefer the fake look myself. However I prefer overs, they seems less tissue traumatizing and I wonder if a girl with unders would be able to reack beshine's sizes while her muscles are still functional. Anyhow, no matter what, best wishes to you two.

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 01-24-2013

Pain has pretty much subsided and now it's just a wait to drop and fluff. Anticipation...

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 02-04-2013

As an update, they are still slow to drop, given the musculature of her chest. No pain and I'm starting to reap the benefits...LOL!

Last night, she floored me though. She said: "Do you think they're big enough? I thought they'd be a lot bigger. What would you think If I went back next year and bumped them up to about 750 or 800?"

I almost passed out right then and there!

Sooo, I may have to divert funds from my Model A Pickup restoration to the boobie fund starting this summer.

Life's little tradeoffs...Tongue

RE: WOO HOO!! - Cutter - 02-04-2013

*nose bleed aleart, nose bleed aleart*

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 02-05-2013

(02-04-2013, 02:38 PM)Tugboatcap Wrote: Sooo, I may have to divert funds from my Model A Pickup restoration to the boobie fund starting this summer.

Life's little tradeoffs...Tongue

This is a trade-off worth making!!

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 02-08-2013

Ok, I finally got permission to post this one photo she took with her webcam. The left one has dropped more than the right one (webcam does mirror imaging) and she had to "Adjust" so they looked even...LOL! It's been 3 weeks as of Yesterday.

These are her "Linebacker Shoulders" LMAO!

The goods so far...

RE: WOO HOO!! - Bonecracker - 02-09-2013

Dude, seriously? Drooollllll

RE: WOO HOO!! - Tugboatcap - 02-10-2013

Not bad for 46, huh?

For the life of me, I don't know what she sees in me.

Seven years anniversary in August!

Tugboat"it's good to be me!"Cap!