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Fetish Con 2022 - Cutter - 08-06-2022

Lets get some S*** back to damn normal.

In a few days I will be heading back to FL for Fetish Con.

I can hope that with as PENT UP as everyone will be I can get some good stuff.

RE: Fetish Con 2022 - Bonecracker - 08-08-2022

YEEHAW!! Looking forward to some great photos!

RE: Fetish Con 2022 - Cutter - 08-26-2022

Well, this year sucked in a few areas.  No shuttle to the hotel as there was in years past, so had to pay the assrape  cost for a cab $65 to the hotel.  Don't want to hear about uber or lyft - I have no cell phone.

Now I do understand that we are still revving up from a pandemic, but there were 4 vendor slots that were empty in the vendor areas, with luck next year ( If I go ), those may be full.

Worst part was the 'pool parties',  con goers out at the hotel swimming pool for all hours of the night, sounds good but with the damn people smoking, smelled like burnt dog shit from small cigar sized rolls, everything that was there the mix affected me in a VERY bad way, I went damn near homicidal.

There is even a condo going up in the parking lot of the hotel.  I don't think the new neighbors will like the convention.  

Then flight delays fucked me and took over 24 hours to get home.  Then got COVID.  So yea.

Now the pretty ladies.  They were there.

The Lovely Ludella Hahn.


Sage Pilar and Ama Rio


RE: Fetish Con 2022 - Cutter - 08-27-2022

And another pic.  I'm having to reduce all the pics because I shot in high quality and I have only resized the Sunday Red Carpet pics.

The lovely Savanah Fox



Anastasia Pierce, Lauren Phillips, and Kendra James.  Presenters of the Fetcon Awards.