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September Carrino - Bonecracker - 08-11-2012

To those of you who know me, it will come as no secret that September Carrino is one of my (if not the) favorite naturals in the slim and stacked department.

I would marry this chick!

Anyhow, I have created a new gallery of her SAMPLES. Please note, there are a ton of photos there but they are all LEGAL FREE SAMPLES.

Please find it Here by clicking on this line of text

Beautiful body, awesome natural breasts and the most amazing large nipples that beg to be given the attention they deserve.

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 09-27-2012

Two new images uploaded to her gallery, including this one!! Though not as big as she used to be, she's still got great boobs and a wonderful figure and a gorgeous face!

[Image: f223d9bfa15378a0f49c20853a73704c.jpg?m=1348766686]

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 09-30-2012

5 New September Carrino photos uploaded to her gallery including these two...
[u]Amazing Nipples![/u]
[Image: 2841c22f3b2102e45c80dde2244a252d.jpg?m=1349048353]
[u]Incredible ass![/u]
[Image: aa10402fc30fcc95cbf5c398ed070105.jpg?m=1349048350]

RE: September Carrino - JustSomeone - 10-09-2012

Is it possible that Pinup Files is morphing September's photos? Her fingers just don't look natural:

[Image: september_carrino_071.jpg?m=1345608671]

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 10-11-2012

Yep. I call "foul" on that one too!

RE: September Carrino - Djoser - 10-12-2012

(10-11-2012, 01:44 PM)Bonecracker Wrote: Yep. I call "foul" on that one too!

I'll be very honest with you: I know that beshine is über busty and all, but I am 95% sure that some of her pics have small photoshop 'retouches' I guess most model sites have done it in some moment. I find it unnecessary and annoying but not a 'mortal sin'.

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 10-15-2012

Some new images from her gallery, just uploaded. No morphs here, and she's a little smaller than we've been used to but still LOVE THIS WOMAN!!
[Image: 5509540df61d34ecd8e86c469232a03e.jpg?m=1350351703]
[Image: a265cd7f51a98c8e9727c2acb3e55860.jpg?m=1350351704]
What the heck... one more!

[Image: 2bd30797824d53142953fe8adc34e5aa.jpg?m=1350351704]

Now that's something I can definitely get behind!!

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 10-31-2012

AS you probably know, out of all the women on here... September has my heart more than any other. There's just something incredibly, infinitely, indescribably lovable about this women for me...

Another 12 images added to her gallery including
[Image: 762cc4bf6dc561897b92d5af9e29324f.jpg?m=1351717924]


My God, she's gorgeous!! Love her hair too.
[Image: 4017683bba447d0b0c4679ea367407e6.jpg?m=1351717923]

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 12-25-2012

THIRTEEN more photos added to September's gallery. Merry Christmas everyone!!

[Image: 7e9e175d136aef2de177d0fd40ed028b.jpg?m=1356476921]

[Image: 9befae83d826764f4867e59f48c54879.jpg?m=1356476922]

RE: September Carrino - JustSomeone - 12-25-2012

God, look at those huge nipples! Man!

RE: September Carrino - Djoser - 12-28-2012

where are her piercings...I don't like them, usually, but they looked awesome in her

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 01-02-2013

MOAR from the woman the BEA has voted "Most likely to have a marriage proposal accepted by Bonecracker"
[Image: 9e0ce930db3c4b688acaab0ea62a3369.jpg?m=1357106748]
[Image: 5d28c04a1de280f1b8adbdb5b139b2c9.jpg?m=1357106748]

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 02-11-2013

Two new photos of perfection...IMHO

[Image: BCcCc6KCAAE_bKN_jpg_large.jpg?m=1360640824]
[Image: BBb3nPACQAAnUcP_jpg_large.jpg?m=1360640825]

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 02-19-2013

Voted "most likely to receive a marriage proposal from The Friendly Neighborhood Bonecracker", September is back with 3 new images
This very morning waking up, thinking of "Bone"
[Image: BDKnjZWCcAA3Of-_jpg_large.jpg?m=1361252988]

And how about a trip down memory lane before she was a JJ cup? She was so tiny back then!
[Image: BDSQZ2GCcAAPi0w_jpg_large.jpg?m=1361252988]

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 02-24-2013

Time to add to September's gallery too... even though she's talking about a BR back to the size seen in the previous post.

[Image: BD0zzqQCYAAlbaH_jpg_large.jpg?m=1361752739]
[Image: BD1aOuaCMAAQ3bU_jpg_large.jpg?m=1361752739]

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 03-05-2013

[color=purple][b][size=4]7 new images added to her gallery including...[/b][/color][/size]
[Image: 2c195aa68d9de5c67bdb1cb7f25ce90c.jpg?m=1362540350]
Big Grin

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 03-09-2013

two cute little twitter pics added to her gallery
[Image: BE4Yh6GCUAARYcL_jpg_large.jpg?m=1362867854]

RE: September Carrino - titzling319 - 03-17-2013

50 images posted on September's gallery!

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 03-17-2013

Thanks, titzling! This is just all kinds of awesome!
[Image: Carrino%20155.JPG?m=1363559532]

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 03-24-2013

My baby likes to share...
[Image: BDrNrbYCQAAzS_v_jpg_large.jpg?m=1364152742]

RE: September Carrino - titzling319 - 04-11-2013

50 images added to Gallery!

RE: September Carrino - titzling319 - 05-19-2013

[Image: Carrino%20291.JPG?m=1368945240][Image: Carrino%20305.JPG?m=1368945243]

68 pics added to September's gallery starting with #244!

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 06-10-2013

Here's another new one from the ever yummy and loveable September...
[Image: BL8Ik1GCQAA-Dif_jpg_large.jpg?m=1370878945]
Love her nipples!

RE: September Carrino - Djoser - 06-12-2013

where did her piercings go?

RE: September Carrino - Bonecracker - 06-12-2013

She took the nipple bars out when she got pregnant there a couple of years ago and they grew over. The benefits are, she has bigger boobs and WAY bigger and better nips now!!