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Updates as of 2012-09-22 - Agent Dee - 09-22-2012

I changed the character minimum from 25 down to 1 so you can post shorter replies now.

I found out how to make your avatars appear larger they were set to 70x70 I bumped it up to the 150x150 which is a perfect size, NOTE if you upload an avatar bigger than 150x150 it will reduce it to 150x150.

Agent "your friendly neighborhood admin guy!" Dee

RE: Updates as of 2012-09-22 - Bonecracker - 09-22-2012

I suggest a link at the top of the page, and all pages, to donate to breast cancer research. If we truly love breasts, and we do, let's show support for the research into a cure.
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RE: Updates as of 2012-09-22 - Djoser - 09-24-2012

I find the suggestion very fair