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I lost my best friend, my wife…
A few know already, but the reason I’ve been absent for the last few months is that I lost Mrs. Tug to sepsis recently. 

She had what was diagnosed as a simple kidney infection that was treated with antibiotics.  Two weeks later, she thought she was fully recovered from it.  She went up to our cabin where I was going to meet up with her a few days later when apparently she started to run a fever for a few hours and then woke up at 3am with a 104+ fever.  She called 911 and was at the emergency room 30 minutes later. About 20 minutes after she arrived, she was gone.

It has been devestating. 

All 4 kids and their families are at a loss, as am I. 

I’ll probably not be back for a while but I felt I owed a few good friends on here an explanation why I’ve been MIA and why I may not be around for the near future. 

Thanks to the few that have known and supported me.  

[b][i]"It's always funny until someone loses an eye!"[/i][/b]
I'm so sorry man. So sorry for your loss. I will be keeping you and your loved ones in my thoughts.
I sent you an email, Cappy. I am so deeply and profoundly hurting for you. Of course we have had some many private conversations and I was looking forward to meeting you both some day.

God bless and comfort you
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