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Lucy Harper

All natural and all growing too! New gallery started for her

From 2012...
[Image: BHuqBDNCQAA10DQ_jpg_large.jpg?m=1366062409][Image: BHM7R10CUAEjb57_jpg_large.jpg?m=1366062410]
And then from 2013... now an N cup.

[Image: BFMe6YpCYAAmzeV_jpg_large.jpg?m=1366062400][Image: BFzaMp7CUAE9tIs_jpg_large.jpg?m=1366062405]
She brags she has been doing a lot of growing lately! She;'s very proud of her big boobs. Keep it up, Lucy, with your sexy big rump poked out like that, we're happy to get behind you!

[Image: BH6uSeRCUAAEBkJ_jpg_large.jpg?m=1366062404]
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Her name isn't Lucy Harper. She also can't be find of the year... Shannon Figa (I think) was discovered circa 2004-5.
Also, that second picture isn't her.
It's all from her twitter feed...
Check out my new story! 
Don't be fooled, its a fake twitter feed.
You also realize those are fake pictures too? Morphed, that is.
Well, yes as pointed out most of those pics seem to be morphed. I like morphs. So, fake or not, thanks

Also the two pics on top, specially the one on the right, definitely belong to two different persons Tongue
Skepticism is good, it is the reason why Science progresses. We don't live anymore in the era when a model said she had a 183PPP bra and that was considered a fact by the rest of the mortals.

Welcome to the internet, where men are men, women are men, and children are the FBI

If it hurts, it means that you're still living

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