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Taylor Stevens
I Can SAVE the L.A. Kings
... with My Boobs

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I saw this live last year, and I was like, "Whose giant boobs are those behind the coach?"

Taylor is so awesome. She posted at the "other" place back in 2003 and 2004 I think, if memory serves.

In reality, she is a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

I heard she had non-Hodgkins lymphoma, I believe, and chemotherapy robbed her of hair for a brief time. I haven't heard, but I hope she is in the clear now.
Her twitter page is @TAYSTEVENS she is very sweet and doing well. She posts pics too. Due to her personality I find her to be one of the most attractive women in the world.
I’m stlll BFF’s with Whitney. She just don’t use twitter any more and is retired. This is a temporary signature. I need to think of a new one. Maybe I’ll ask Teddi.
I have to agree! she seems to be a down to earth, sweetie, girl next door
Skepticism is good, it is the reason why Science progresses. We don't live anymore in the era when a model said she had a 183PPP bra and that was considered a fact by the rest of the mortals.

Welcome to the internet, where men are men, women are men, and children are the FBI

If it hurts, it means that you're still living

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