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Chelsea Morphs
Some new ones from her latest update.  I call them "Sparkle Top Morphs"

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last one for now

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Here's the before picture for Morph 3 and a. before and after comparison... low Rez on that one.

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Side by side . . .
[Image: attachment.php?aid=6324] [Image: attachment.php?aid=6323]
Please find attached.  Chelsea at 30,000 and 40,000cc in size

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A couple quick video morphs of Chelsea. I'm still practicing. Below are the links to the videos-

Chelsea Orange Top Morph Video

Chelsea Stripped Top Morph Video
Some more Chelsea Morphs. Video Links are below-


Chelsea Red Bra Morph Video

Chelsea Light Blue Top Morph Video
Very nice work!!
agreed video based morphs are the hard ones to do keep it up!

[i]"Well gosh, breast men are the best men, you know, *giggles* I love you all."[/i]
[i]"You know your boobs are too big when a guy stands up to let u thru to your seat and despite him leaning back I boobed him back in his seat."[/i]
Chelsea Charms

want a custom avatar?

Special Agent: Dee
MiB; Division 6, NYC


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