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Petra Verkaik
And Now...
She's bigger these days and still looks gorgeous and young for a woman in her late 40s.
Bigger? Did she have a growth spurt, or resort to augmentation?
She put on weight, and a lot of it went to her boobs!
Very nice!
Do you have any more recent pictures? I've always admired her.
I'll see what I can find!
Wow, her now picture's face looks so much like my favorite teacher in college. She was my sculpture teacher. I think I had a crush on her. I did take her class through all the levels. I think 6 of them. I miss her. An Iranian beauty, and was so cool and sweet. I remember like her accent a lot.

I would love to see more too.
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I figured we needed a few more pics of the beautiful Petra...check out her Gallery!    
Awesome!! Gratitude, friend.
My ex-wife had breasts like those until after she finished nursing our first offspring, and then went crazy mad on the weights and ruined her femininity. Ugghhh... the things women do.

I love this photo:
[Image: Petra%20Verkaik%2040.jpg?m=1361846044]
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Been awhile! I've added 65 pics to Petra's Gallery (starting with #50 on page 6). I always assumed that with her Eastern European name and Slavic (?) looks that Petra was from the U.S.S.R. or such. Come to find out that she's a native American, born in L.A. ... so much for assuming! She's a beauty, wherever she comes from!

[Image: Petra%2067.JPG?m=1386278225]
I realize that this is, first and foremost, a big breast site, but, Jesus, look at those legs!

[Image: Petra%2089.JPG?m=1386278440]
Breasts & Legs! Winner. Winner, Chicken Dinner!
Don't forget the way she gracefully ages... Only Chloe Vevrier might have her beat in that department.
Looked and looked but could only find one pic of Petra celebrating Christmas:

[Image: Xmas%21.JPG?m=1387412262]

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