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Fetish Con 2013
I just got back from Fetish Con. It was my first day there. I may go back tonight. It wasn't as live as I thought it'd be. However, I did get some good pictures in.

A little humor: I made my rounds the first time, and didn't see SaRenna or Casey there. So I went out in the lounge area to use my phone. I was searching their schedule. As I'm punching this in, I hear a raspy voice, and see a really short beautiful blonde woman, and her slightly taller friend pass. Something went off in my head, I KNEW that was them. So I followed them back in, and managed to call out SaRenna's name.

They were kind enough to take a picture for me, and even gave me a post card. Unfortunately, I think I had my camera on movie mode, instead of a photo, I got a 2 second clip of them.

Anyway, SaRenna said they'd be there all weekend. So, I may get some more pictures of them. *Fingers crossed* They're the only reason I'd bother with this stuff.

On another note: my name badge says "JustSomone". If you see me, come over and say hi!

Here is a link to the video:

Here is a link to the gallery, so far:

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Awesome. Did you share with them the pic and vid. Mind if I use the pic later in a photo edit.
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Use the photo if you like.
Iwill add more to this thread whn I get a few more things done.
Are you in a fair fight? If so your tactics suck ass.
Very happy for you, but also jealous of you too!! Thanks for bringing back some souvenirs.
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A pic from Fetish con 2013. Wonderous Lady.


Oh and could we try the Gallery Reset again for me? I lost access when the site fell back.
Are you in a fair fight? If so your tactics suck ass.
And a new place to shop for outfits for my playmates too!
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